GSRJ Awards and Accolades

Over a 30 year-span working in the Media, Robert Van Camp has garnered numerous awards for his work - including 19 Emmys.
The first award he received was in 1991 while working as a new Photographer/Producer at WFMY News 2 In Greensboro NC. The award, of all things, was on The Yakin Valley Railroad where he received the Radio and Television News Directors of the Carolina’s award, “Best Use of Photography “ and the Best of Gannett, which owned that station, Photographer of the year. In 1993 he was award the same from both organization for a photo Essay on Steam Engine 1702 that operated in the NC Mountains. He received another award that year by Gannett for producing a piece on the Appalachian Trail.

In 1994 he produced his first documentary for Public Television, on the Great Smoky Mountains Railway, which earned him his first Emmy. From 1994 though 2021 he has been awarded 19 Emmys for his work on Public Television, most for the Great Scenic Railway Journeys series. Others include three for a program on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and one on Drunk Driving. The program, “Blurred Lines” also was recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program, and Students Against Driving Drunk in their “Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Awards" Special Media Category.

In 2014 American Public Television awarded him with their “Program Excellence Award” for the Great Scenic Railway Journeys series because of its its long time success in fund raising and production values.
GSRJ Series Creator and Producer Robert Van Camp  and wife, Jillian
celebrate receiving three Emmy Awards in 2009
February 2022
Robert Van Camp Receives 20th Emmy Award
Creator and Producer of the Great Scenic Railway Journey Public Television show, Robert Van Camp, received his 20th career Emmy on February 26th for a segment he produced on the Pullman Project.