1955 Texas Special Passenger Car 1301
This is the sister car to the 1206 and ran in the consist from Chicago to Austin. Its called the Temple and it was originally configured as a 32-seat Coach, Buffet, 27-seat Lounge. We have invested over $85,000 in this car and it is currently in service. We are needing to change the wheels out to roller bearing. Also the fluting has been damaged and need to be replaced. We have acquired need fluting and need to get it installed. It also needs to have the roof and window panels painted.
1947 Florida East Coast Baggage Dorm Car 1618
We have not start any work on this car yet. We will be converting it to a concession car on one end and keeping the showers and Conductors bedrooms. The Baggage area will be used a generator room. This car will need new windows, 480 HEP wiring fixes, 330 kw sled generator.
1948 New York Central Round Ended Observation Passenger Car
This car had to have a completely new interior. We had to gut the car and build it back. Over $300,000 has been invested in this car. We have just finished installing a new kitchen and bath room. Things that need to be finished are: New Windows, Passenger interior, Water system and outside painting of the window trim.
1968 Chesapeake and Ohio Cabosse
We are in the final stages of putting back in to operations this 1968 C&O extended Cupola Caboose. The interior has been restored along with replacing the wheels so it can be moved in interchange. We are needing funds to finish the DC electrical system and painting. 
Help Us Restore Some of America's Railway History
Below are some of the rolling stock projects that we are working on.
The gallery to the right shows the progress on all of our restoration projects.
1955 Texas Special Passenger Car 1206
This is a long distance passenger car out of the famed Texas Special. It is called the McAlester. For the most part the car is very original. The car will need a complete restoration on the inside. There are 64 seats that will have to be rebuilt and upholstered. We will need to install two new bath room with toilets as well. It will also need a new heat and AC system along with painting the roof and window panels. We have already installed the 480 HEP wiring.